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Fri Jan 12 13:04:15 MST 2001

having both several friends and family members who have been "troubled" and seeing
what happens when people who have mental troubles get subjected to "help" from the
capitalist state, I found this highly worth a visit. The "do's and don'ts" were high
on my list of things that I had heard (specifically the voices- if you tell someone
you are interested in these voices and want to know what they say, watch the sigh of
relief. Word of advice to people: if you have trouble and feel you need help from a
"professional" mental care worker, DO NOT tell them about the voices. Once you do
that, you might as well say good-bye to the outside world.

The Mental Health system here in BC is positively medieval. If you are any threat
(politically) to the system of "care givers" they only need the signature of 2
doctors that you are "sick"- and it's off you go indefinitely. I have had stories
recouned to meof family members who worked as advocates for those who did not enjoy
the treatment the were meted out within the system being threatened with just such
incarceration if they didn't shut up. It's a wonder more radicals etc are not
classified as "nuts". It's a lot easier than trying them for "mischief" and what not.



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I just spent five hours of my time yesterday (it being 2:00am the next day)
with three members of the Lunatics Liberation Front which is a small
Anti-Psychiatry group based in Vancouver. We had quite a few great
discussions on and off the topic of Psychiatry. And, I definetly still have
a lot to learn. And, to think about within my small pea sized brain. ;)

The Lunatics Liberation Front is a very refreshing group of anti-psychiatry
activists who wish to abolish the whole system.

A psychiatric conference is also being held in the latter part of July as
well which there'll be a silent vigil outside as it's going on, I believe.

For information on the Lunatics Liberation Front you may check out their
webpage or/and look for the book "Call
Me Crazy" by Irit Shimrat in your local library (you'll probably have to
order it to borrow)

I also dropped off an anti-psychiatry magazine called Dendron at the Tao
library the other day as well as one called OPSANews #6 (Ontario Psychiatric
Suvrivors Alliance) just today and I'll be dropping off another when I'm
done reading it (and hopefully more if they have any extras).

These guys need publicity and your support, feel free to check them out and
learn more about them. Normal people's minds are being killed daily for no
reason other than being 'different' from conventional society. (And, we're
all pretty much diffrent from the sexist, homophobic capitalist society,

Off to sleep,

Brian Disagree.

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