Chinese finance minister touts Asian free trade zone Report

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12 January 2001

Chinese finance minister touts Asian free trade zone: Report
BANGKOK: Chinese Finance Minister Xiang Huaicheng has called for the
creation of an Asian free trade zone during a speech here, newspaper reports
said Thursday.
Xiang said the zone should include the 10 members of the Association of
Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as well as China, Japan and Korea, The
Nation newspaper reported him saying in a speech at the Bangkok Bank on
Asian countries should follow the example of the European Union and the
North American Free Trade Agreement and integrate their economies, he said.
China's impending ascension to the World Trade Organization will benefit
China's Asian trading partners and foreign investors as it opens its huge
domestic market, Xiang added.
He also pledged Beijing would support Thailand's unofficial election winner,
telecoms magnate Thaksin Shinawatra, saying he was capable of leading the
country to a better future. (AFP)

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