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Iranian Women's Brief #34

On November 25, Behjat Dehghan met with Anna Botella and Conception
Dancausa Treviano, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs at Premier's
palace in Madrid. Mrs. Botella refused to go to Iran in October to show
her objection to the deprivations and oppression of Iranian women under
the clerical regime and under the name of Islam. In their one-hour
meeting, Mrs. Dehghan admired Mrs. Botella's bold position on the
situation of women in Iran and presented further information on the
struggles of women in Iran and in the Resistance movement.

BANGLADESH: 'Fatwa' Ban to Help Rural Women

DHAKA, Jan 7 (IPS) - A landmark New Year's ruling by a Bangladesh
court,  has struck a blow for women's rights and pitted the judiciary
and rights  groups against religious radicals in the Muslim-majority

ARGENTINA: Women Gear Up to Take Senate By Storm

BUENOS AIRES, Jan 11 (IPS) - Thanks to a quota law that successfully
boosted the presence of women in the lower house of Congress and will
now be applied to elections for the Senate, Argentina's regional
leadership in terms of female participation in the legislature will be
strengthened even further.

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