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Review of African Political Economy

Volume 27  Number 86  December 2000


Editorial: Special Issue on AIDS 483
Carolyn Baylies & Janet Bujra

Overview: HIV/AIDS in Africa: Global & Local Inequalities 487
& Responsibilities
Carolyn Baylies

Reconceptualising Issues Around HIV & Breastfeeding Advice: Findings 501
from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Gill Seidel

Debt Relief & Social Investment: Linking the HIPC Initiative to the 519
HIV/Aids Epidemic in Africa: The Case of Zambia
Fantu Cheru

Coping or Struggling? A Journey into the Impact of HIV/AIDS in 537
Southern Africa
Gabriel Rugalema

Tanzania: AIDS Care – Learning from Experience 547
Soori Nnko, Betty Chiduo, Flora Wilson, Wence Msuya &
Gabriel Mwaluko

The Uncertain Future of Bilateralism or, ‘it takes two fingers to kill a louse’ 559
Sarah Bracking

Political Will, Political Economy and the AIDs Industry in Zambia 577
Guy Scott

Improving Access to HIV-related Drugs in South Africa: 83
A Case of Colliding Interests
Andy Gray & Jenni Smit

Statement of Concern on Women & HIV/Aids 590
Violence in Mozambique: In Whose Interests? 593
Joe Hanlon

Obituary: Carlos Cardoso 597
Paul Fauvet

2000 Index 602


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