California power crisis

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[3 items: 1)Calif. Peace and Freedom Party, 2)San Francisco Labor Council,
3)Golden Gate Labor Party

1]P E A C E   A N D   F R E E D O M   P A R T Y
California State Central Committee
P.O. Box 24764, Oakland, California 94623          (510) 465-9414
                                               January 9, 2001


The Peace and Freedom Party urges you to join in supporting the immediate
creation of a state power agency. Our Party supports the creation of a
public power authority that would produce, distribute and sell
electricity, to municipal power agencies and directly to the public.
California has the constitutional power of eminent domain to bring this
agency into being without delay.

The private power companies, by their price-gouging and extortionate
demands, have lost any right to continue to provide this basic necessity.
Eminent domain should be used to seize their assets. Public municipal and
regional electric agencies have performed well during the last year, as
they have for a century. They deserve the assistance of a
democratically-run state agency, and the people of California whose power
is being held for ransom by greedy profiteers deserve to be rescued by
public ownership of the rest of California's electric utilities.

The power authority should be overseen by an elected statewide board, in
which power companies are prohibited from participating and strict
campaign finance laws applied. The charter of the agency should provide
that the management will not interfere with employees who exercise their
right to collective bargaining. In addition, strong protection for
whistle-blowers should be provided, and agency meetings should be open.
These measures will protect the public's interests. The charter should
also require preference to the development of "green" non-polluting power
sources, such as solar, geothermal and tidal.

We call on public officials to pledge to support the desire of the
majority of the public, as indicated by recent polls, for such an agency.

Meanwhile, if any residents die because of the maintenance cuts or
blackouts planned to pressure the Public Utility Commission into
approving rate increases, responsible corporate officers should be
prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We in the Peace and Freedom Party plan to support and initiate any and all
forms of non-violent public protest until the public owns this vital
resource, including but not limited to pickets, demonstrations, and
sit-ins. We also pledge to field candidates in the 2002 elections who will
make power a major issue, if a public authority has not been set up by
then. We will campaign against any candidates who support the criminal
behavior of the private power companies.

For the Peace and Freedom Party,
Kevin Akin, State Chair
[and 11 Officers]
        - - - - - - - -

2]Subject: S.F. Labor Council(AFL-CIO) on power crisis
From: Michael Eisenscher

San Francisco Labor Council Resolution -

9% - No Way - Tell PG&E WE WON'T PAY!!!

Whereas, energy is an essential need of all the people;

Whereas, with deregulation, the private utility industry won a $17 Billion
windfall to pay for bad investments, mostly in nuclear power;

Whereas, PG&E claims it desperately needs another bailout to avoid
bankruptcy, when it is actually making record profits;

Whereas, this energy crisis is causing increased anxiety for working

Therefore, be it resolved that the San Francisco Labor Council support the
campaign not to pay the PG&E rate hike of 9% approved by the Public
Utilities Commission on January 4, 2001;

Therefore, be it further resolved that this resolution be forwarded to the
California Federation of Labor and all its affiliates.

M/S/C - Monday, January 8, 2001
Passed unanimously by the San Francisco Labor
Council (AFL-CIO)

Attach this note to your next PG&E bill:

We are participating in the Campaign Against Utility Rate Hikes and have
deducted the 9% increase levied on our PG&E bill. We feel that the
increase is a misplaced penalty on the consumers for failed deregulation
policies which we had no part in designing.  We will continue to refuse to
pay this increase until it is rescinded.

Distribute, Copy, Circulate, as widely as possible.
        - - - - - - -

published by the Golden Gate chapter of the Labor Party,
P.O. Box 40637, San Francisco, CA 94140
Phone: (650) 355-5329 or (415) 626-1175;  Fax: (415) 626-1217.



Dear Friends:

Your are invited to join us at a public forum sponsored by the Golden
Gate chapter of the Labor Party titled "The Electricity Crisis:
Organizing For Public Power."

The forum will be held Friday, February 9th at 7 p.m. at the Centro
del Pueblo in San Francisco, 474 Valencia St. in San Francisco (off
16th St., 2nd Floor).

Forum speakers are: (* for id. only)

* Tom Ammiano, President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors

* Medea Benjamin, founding director Global Exchange and former Green
Party candidate for U.S. Senate

* Robin David, Representative, Golden Gate Labor Party chapter and
member of IBEW Local 1245 (*)

* Graham Brownstein, Community Organizer, TURN (the utility reform

A donation of $5 will be requested at the door, but no one will be
turned away for lack of funds.

The forum is sponsored by the Golden Gate chapter of the Labor Party.
For more information, please call (415) 626-1175

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