INTIFADA FACTSHEET (Sep 28th 2000 - Jan 5th, 2001)

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Palestinian Intifada (Sep 28th 2000 - Jan 5th, 2001)
Produced by HDIP

I. Martyrs:

341 Martyrs: 35% < 18 years / 41% not involved in demonstrations
or clashes / 89% civilian.
No investigation conducted, granting immunity to Israeli forces and allowing
them to act unlawfully

II. Injuries treated at health facilities (>11,000):

West Bank :  39% from live ammunition, 78% to the upper body (based on 6,722
cases- Dec 31)
Gaza Strip :  26% from live ammunition, 60% to the upper body (based on
2,396 cases- Nov 5)
Permanent Disabilities Estimated at 1,500.

III. Attacks on Emergency Medical Personnel and Services:

1 German physician killed by Israeli helicopter fire while trying to treat
injured people.
1 Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) ambulance driver killed.
64 PRCS Emergency Medical Technicians injured.
18 Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (UPMRC) first aid workers
injured (including
2 physicians).
49 (72% of their fleet) PRCS ambulances hit by live ammunition, rubber
bullets, and/or stones thrown by Israeli settlers in 96 separate attacks.

IV. Attacks on Hospitals:

- Live ammunition fired at Beit Jala, A-Dibs and French Hospitals in
- Settlers attacked Augusta Victoria Hospital (Jerusalem), shot security
officer (automatic gun)
- Light and heavy ammunition fired at Alia Hospital (Hebron) on 3 separate
incidents, wounding patients and cutting off electricity supply.

V. Journalists:

At least 29 journalists were shot or beaten by Israeli soldiers/
settlers in 39 separate incidents.

VI. Types of Ammunition used Bullets:

5.56 mm (223 caliber), 7.02 mm, 9 mm, 50 caliber, 500 mm, 800 mm, rubber
coated steel, plastic. Missiles. Tank Fire.

VII. Closures and curfews (Collective Punishment):

-Access denied to medical care
-Movement restrictions on medical personnel and supplies 94 incidents
of denial of access to PRCS ambulances at roadblocks.

VIII. Internal closures:

Internal siege: 100s of Israeli checkpoints erected at entrances of
each Palestinian village/city in West Bank/ Gaza Strip (3 million
Palestinians).  Examples of communities completely cut off:
Aba A-Sharqiyya, Ya'bad, Um-Al-Rihan, Tulkarem villages, Qalqilya, Salfit,
Haris, Deir Istya, Beit Furik, Beit Dajan, 'Atara, Kardala, Bardala,'Ein
Al-Bayda, Husan, Al-Mawasi and others.
Curfews (Palestinians are allowed to leave their homes for a couple of hours
only every few days). H2 area in Hebron (Israeli occupied part of the city)
with 40,000 Palestinian inhabitants, Huwwara (4,000), Silit A-Daher (6,000),
and others.

IX. External closures:

Occupied territories (3 million inhabitants) sealed off from the rest of the
world. Frequent lengthy closures of Gaza International airport, Gaza's Sea
Port, bridge to Jordan, border with Egypt (Rafah entrance), entrances to
Israel (Al-Mintar and Bayt Hanoun crossings), "safe passage" between Gaza
Strip & West Bank (Oslo accords forbid its closure).

X. Palestinians detained by Israeli authorities:

More than 450 Palestinians detained from inside the Green Line.
More than 800 Palestinians detained from East Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza

XI. Property Damage (Collective punishment)

Shelling of residential areas: 182 (West Bank)
and 249 (Gaza Strip) homes damaged.
14 mosques damaged.  Cemeteries attacked.
25,000 olive and fruit trees uprooted  and 4,456 dunums of land bulldozed.

XII. Education (Collective punishment):

41 schools closed/unable to operate (20,000 students),
4 schools turned into military barracks.
30 schools were shelled and fired upon by Israeli soldiers ($400,000 damage
in 8 weeks).
45 Palestinian students killed during first 2 months, mostly on their
way home from schools.
UNRWA schools in Gaza reported 1,800 lost school days until Nov 15th.

XIII. Economic conditions (Collective punishment):

Total daily losses estimated at $8,500,000.
Israel prevents 125,000 Palestinians from going to work , with daily income
loss of $ 6,250,000.
Unemployment rate is 50% in Gaza Strip and 31% in West Bank.
Over 1 million Palestinians live in poverty - doubled from before (earning
less than $2 /day).
Palestinian Authority suffered $774 million in economic damage till Nov

XIV. Resolutions/ Reports Condemning Israel for disproportionate and
excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians and failure to adhere
to international laws:

- UN Security Council Resolution 1322, Oct 7th, 2000.
- Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN)- Denmark, International
Federation of Human Rights (FIDH)- Paris, and International Committee
of Jurists (ICJ)-Sweden (Oct 4-8, 2000).
- Human Rights Watch (HRW)- New York (Oct 4th  - 11th, 2000).
- Giorgio Giacomelli, Special Rapporteur of the Commission on Human Rights
on the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Oct 11th - 15th, 2000).
- UN Commission on Human Rights Resolution, 5th Special Session (Oct 19th,
- UN General Assembly, 10th emergency special session, Oct 20th, 2000.
- USA Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) (Oct 20th -27th , 2000).
- Mary Robinson, UN Human Rights Commissioner, (Nov 7th- 13th, 2000).

XV. International Laws/ Resolutions Violated

UN resolutions 242, 338 / Forth Geneva Convention/ Hague Regulations / UN
Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials / International Covenant of
Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
/ Convention on Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination/
Convention on Rights of the child and many others.

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