Subject: Neo-Weberianism

Kelly Sinclair clarion57 at
Sat Jan 13 13:37:33 MST 2001

>>Why has Poland prospered and Russia struggled
since the end of the cold
war? Why is the economy of South Korea 15 times
as large as that of Ghana
when they were comparable less than 40 years ago?<<

One gets the impression from the piece that Ghana and South Korea have exactly
the same circumstance except for that dang culture thing.  If only Ghana would
toss away the kente cloth and get into micro-processors--that would solve
everything.  Yeah, right.

But in reality, culture is but one aspect of the picture.  I'm sure many of you
have already read Jared Diamond's book, "Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of
Human Societies."  He makes the point that geography and environment have played
a major role in the course of human history, from the Fertile Crescent to the
European hostile takeover of Africa and the Americas up through the modern

Others on the list are better prepped to address larger economic issues barely
touched on in the New York Times piece, but I do think that relying on culture
as a catch-all explanation is like using a microscope to explore the moon.  You
miss the bigger picture.

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