spam/torjan(?) attack

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sat Jan 13 20:16:54 MST 2001

I received an anonymous, textless email with an attached word document.

Attempts to see what was in the document safely, i.e., by using wordpad or
text readers, show that this is (at best) some sort of absolutely clueless
person who has embedded objects in the document, either because they did not
know how to send whatever it was they were sending, or because they are
consciously trying to hide some sort of Trojan in the file.

As everyone SHOULD know, Microsoft Word and the whole office suite is a
petri dish for all sorts of vermin. Microsoft built into the program the
capacity to unsafely run macros which allow just about anything to be done
to you computer (if you are using windows).

People are urged NOT to open the file, and to write to the anonymous MORON
sending it out telling him/her to either get a clue or go fuck him/herself.

I've done that, and added a warning to contact me immediately. If I do not
get a response I WILL get ahold of the people who run the mail
service about this person.


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