Guns, Germs and Steel

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Basically, the question has to be answered on a more comprehensive level. Why
does civilization itself emerge, for example?
Let me note in passing just one last time my 'eonic effect' study
( and the light it throws on the 'rise of Europe' issue.
(free pdf for anyone who is interested) The question of Europe is a transient
phenomenon, analogous to the five century surge of the Classical Greeks. Five
centuries, since 1500? Europe's time is up.  But what really is our theory of
history? For all of it taken all at once?  
I can't answer that question exactly, but it is possible to show that
historical evolution falls into place as a unified pattern that follows a
fairly stringent set of rules. Marxism has a role to play indeed in that
context. The factor of environment is not crucial at any fundamental level.
There is no common denominator to the places of fundamental advance. The time
and place of the European expansion falls into place in that pattern like
clockwork. So Mr. Diamond's thesis is really empty of content. Some of his
claims are absurd.
John Landon
World History and the Eonic Effect
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