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> The promise of Porto Alegre

Ignacio Ramonet is a mainstream Spanish pomo, with all the implicancies. He is
the director of the Arg. edition of Le Monde Diplomatique, a good newspaper
which hooks people through excellent articles but editorializes against
revolution (this is the true message, I presume) in the pen of, among others,
Carlos Gabetta, a former member of the ERP who was in exile in Spain, returned
tamed to Argentina and now generates opinion from "le dipló".

It is nonsensical to idealize Porto Alegre the way Ramonet does. It is an
interesting experiment in longevity and sound administration for a leftist
government, and may become the harbinger of a new leadership in the Brazilian
left. It is also the only place where the PT has kept in power consistently
through many elections, and it was the jumping board that allowed the PT to
become the ruling party in Rio Grande do Sul, a 100,000 sq. mi. province of
Brazil with a very particular history of social and political rebellion.

The PT government in Rio Grande do Sul, however, would not look "leftist"
enough to many of the comrades on the lists Mac and yours truly share. It is a
progressive, not _radical_, government, with many limitations due to their
isolation in the Southern tip of the country. Sadly enough, if the PT is
holding in power in Porto Alegre and Rio Grande do Sul, it is due in part to
the destruction of Argentinean industry: RGS ranks among the Brazilian states
that enjoy more benefits from the unbalanced terms of trade imposed on
Argentine by the one-to-one parity of the peso and the dollar.

At any rate, the experience of the PT in RGS is very interesting, and worthy of
full support. In fact, some friends of my political group are part of that
government, so that if I opposed it I would be pissing against the wind, I

Will not be able to go to Porto Alegre myself, but will try to get some first
hand account from my Brazilian comrades, some of who will most certainly be

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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