capitalism and mental health

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Sun Jan 14 13:57:36 MST 2001

George wrote....
<first capitalism drives people crazy, then it offers treatment at a
price. mental health practice is an industry. it operates for profit.>

Agreed that this is so in most cases.     But there is a tremendous
drive to convince the population otherwise, that all mental problems are
a case of either genes, or disease.    And that the environment has
nothing to do with anything.

In no mental health problem is this more the case than in how capitalism
wants us to view depression.      If we are depressed, it has nothing to
do with what is around us, but rather with what is inside us.     And a
whole shit load of supposedly scientific studies involving twins, etc.
is pulled out to analyze us lab rats, and then to convince the
'ignorant' that treatment is just a med away.

Be aware that when one has accepted (or been given) a 'treatment' such
as ECT, surgery, or medication, that one can then often become the most
ardent advocate for the need for the specific 'treatment'.      This can
truly be the case.      But then it also can truly not be.      It is a
psychological defense mechanism to respond in this manner.      No one
ever wants to admit that they might have made a bad decision, or even
that they might have had that bad decision forced on them.

We are all supposed to be happy.     Don't we have the greatest society
ever known to mankind that we are living in.     To admit to being
depressed is considered to almost be a subversive act.     And therefore
the intense desire (by capitalist 'happy' propaganda)  to make the mob
push and punish those depressed souls into 'treatment'.

Active kids are to be pushed and punished into passivity.    And older
and slower workers are to be pushed and punished into an efficient
velocity of work.      Women are to be gently encouraged (for
fullfillment), to be mothers and workers all in the same breath.
There are many pills and liquids to help mother nature along..... since
now we are a more efficient society than even nature had evolved.

If you think that this is a comical version of reality that nobody can
actually hold, then maybe you might not have had much contact with
people that actually think this way.     But there are lots of them
running around in the medical field.     And they are true believers and
supporters of this model, even in their own daily lifestyles.

The capitalist medical delivery system is organized along a military
model.      And the 'thinking' usually falls along this line, also.
We are engaged in a heroic struggle to overcome human limitations!


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