a plague of libertarianism?

George Snedeker snedeker at SPAMconcentric.net
Sun Jan 14 14:21:37 MST 2001

I would remind Carol that a plague is a punishment sent by God. I mention
this because Carol seems dedicated to scientific models of human reality.
her recent post seems to me to go off the deep end of rhetoric. yes,
medications are helpful to many people. this is a way of managing extremes
of emotion. however, this says nothing about the nature of capitalism and
the role of mental illness within society. what about the class dimensions
of treatment? what about psychiatry as a power relation. you can not just
call something "libertarianism" and then be free of all concerns. as a
middle class professional, I am sure Carol has gotten good quality therapy.
I would ad that this therapy was a choice. the antipsychiatry movement of
the 1960s did oppose real abuses like psychosurgery, shock therapy and
involuntary commitment. this is not to say that mental illness is not real.
to say that it is real is not to say that we understand it very well. there
is also an ideology of illness that gives power and profit to the doctors
and drug companies. I wonder what the treatment of mental illness would look
like under socialism? I think good Marxists should avoid all or nothing
reasoning. reality is complex. I think Engels said this somewhere.


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