Roland Chrisjohn, Ph. D. rchrisjo at SPAMStThomasU.ca
Sun Jan 14 18:32:08 MST 2001

I'm finding this more than a little tiresome.  I'm reading lots of
righteous indignation and very little content.  The last letter from
Carroll I consider downright inappropriate.

Some on this list have asserted that schizophrenia is a neuro-biological
disorder (it also seems to be implied that at least some of the other major
categories of psychopathology are similarly concrete).  I'll ask Szasz's
question: what's your evidence?  Szasz and a host of others (including
Peter Breggin, Paula Caplan, Leon Kamin, Alvin Pam, Andrew Polsky, Elliot
Valenstein, and others) regularly evaluate such claims as have been made,
and the evidence simply doesn't hold up.

And, apart from the fact that those listed above reject, broadly speaking,
the medical model of psychopathology as a generic explanation, there is
little if anything to hold them together politically.  George has made an
effort to move this discussion in a radical direction, something which
badly needs to be done (rather than to be done badly).  Bluster in reply to
his attempts is not helpful.

I'd be interested in taking part in a reasoned discussion of issues, but
I'll pass if it keeps on like this.

R. Chrisjohn, Ph. D. (and clinical psychologist, 1981-1993)

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