moral philosophy and Marxism?

George Snedeker snedeker at
Mon Jan 15 15:19:32 MST 2001

there is a book called MARX AND MORALITY or MARXISM AND MORALITY by S.
Pfeffer, published by Princeton University press. it addresses the
relationship between Marxism and moral philosophy. hope this helps.

George Snedeker
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Subject: moral philosophy and Marxism?

> Hello.
> I'm gonna start reading philosophy at university and the first month we
are gonna read moral philosophy. And I was wondering if someone could write
down or direct me to a text (preferably accessible from the net) that
discuss Marxism and moral philosophy?
> And I short presentation since this is my first post on the list. I have
been calling me a communist for about a year and is a member of the Swedish
communist party KPMLr's  youth organization RKU and have (as stated above)
start to read at university thinking of maybe become a teacher in history

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