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I espied your commentary on Saul in the archives. I agree with your
conclusion that the ANC regime is a thoroughly reactionary one which must
be uprooted, together with its stagist ally. I might make a couple of
additional comments.

i) The aspiring elites represented by Mbeki and the ANC are the same
class whose record is visible for all to see in Kenya, Uganda, Congo etc.
And when the South African elite has its back against the wall (as it will
before too long), we can expect it to attempt the manouvres used by its
counterparts in the countries that gained independence in the 1960's. What
are these manouvres? First is a rather conventional repression through
paramilitary gangs, the army and the police. Second, and even more
dangerous in my view, will be appeals by different factions in the elite,
to micro-nationalism and ethnicity, as well as religious sectarianism, to
shore up their positions vis-a-vis both other elite factions and the
masses. The history of colonial divide and rule renders this sort of
nationalism potent as far as ensuring the short term survival of the
elite goes. But the reprieve the elite earns in this way is a temporary
one for it is obtained at the cost of creating yet more explosive social

Reactionaries like Torotich Arap Moi in Kenya are master practioners of
this destructive form of crisis management. (Note, skilled at the art as
the Kenyan regime is, it has only been able to pull it off because it's
been able to depend on Western support for 40 years. It is possible that
the ANC sees itself filling a similar neo-colonial niche in the South.)

ii) The ANC at the moment seems able to count on the stock of prestige it
acquired during the anti-apartheid struggle to delegitimate dissent -- who
now dares act against the party that so successfully conflates its
interests with those of 'the people'? As this prestige declines
(demographic change and the regime's radical capitalist ideology make this
inevitable over the coming decade), so will its ability to manage society
through "normal" means. So I expect, if things continue on their present
course, to see the forms of control which I mentioned in (i) start to
emerge over the next five to ten years.

This only adds to the urgency of the situation.


John Enyang

Louis Proyect
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