Skull and bones

Craven, Jim jcraven at
Tue Jan 16 09:42:31 MST 2001

"Initiates are sworn to secrecy. They are required to leave the room if The
Order comes into discussion. they cannot--under oath--answer questions on
The Order and its organization." ("Secret Origins of Skull and Bones p. 2)

I wonder, how many of the incoming--fraudulent--Bush "Administration" are
Skull and Bones(including Ashcroft)? I wonder if any disclosed Skull and
Bones in their security vetting. Isn't it amazing, that in the cases of both
and Clinton, had they been subject to the same security vetting procedures,
standards, criteria, questions and law to which all their subordinates were
subject and to which all government employees are subject, neither would be
qualified to hold the security clearances they were summarily given after
being elected or sworn into office (without being really elected but rather
after stealing an election).

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