Guns, Germs and Steel

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can you tell me the publisher of your book?

Xlibris Books, cf  
But try before you buy,  I will set a downloadable copy at under your email address. Nice and safe, prescanned, no
email attachments. However, the pdf form seems labyrinthine, the printed
version can help. Order a copy from a library.  This is a tough book, no
doubt about it, glare at it for a few months, it is actually based on a
simple idea. It is like a new operating system for history, designed to
settle all arguments about historical causality, science of history, blah
blah.  In that context, marxism fares well. Like filaments cohering in a
magnetic field,  the elements of the left suddenly fall in place. Theorists
have been tinkering with historical materialism for a century, and the
subject is as confused as ever, while the basic core shines beautifully, but
is often unusable because the issues are confused.
This book asks if a macroevolutionary pattern can be seen in world history.  
If we adopt a certain strategy of periodization, the answer is, yes indeed.
This approach highlights the place of revolution in relation to an idea of
revolution, without the confusion of 'causality' and 'freedom' that besets
most theories of revolution, or anything else.
John Landon
World History and the Eonic Effect
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