(ftaa-l) Plan Colombia, FTAA and Black Communities in the process of

soil_ride soilride at SPAMemail.msn.com
Tue Jan 16 16:18:15 MST 2001

Macdonald asks:
...why Panamas return to Colombia has never been a demand of the left?...

This has also been a question of mine.  After all, it was the US that
encouraged Panama to split from Colombia in order to build the Panama Canal
for their most obvious reasons.

The US Military today have missions throughout Latin America, most
especially units stationed in Panama, Colombia, and Venezuela...I used to
listen to my old platoon seargeants speak about the infamous jungles of

Honestly, I feel that a unified Colombia(Colombia and Panama) should be a
demand, if Latin America as a whole is to be united as revolutionary
socialist and anti-imperialist - anti-capitalist.


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