moral philosophy and Marxism?

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Recently came across a book called Kantian Ethics and Socialims, by Harry Van
Der Linden, which is interesting. In part because of the confusions of
Neo-Kantianism and the compromise issues created by Bernstein, irrelevant to
this question, and the whole confusion of that era, this lost tribe of
Marxists has been forgotten, but it has an interesting angle on the relation
of Marx and ethics.  The relation of is-ought to historical theories and the
basis of revolution is latent in Kantianism, received in history at the
moment classical liberalism was still revolutionary as 'economic freedom'.
Linden brings out this latent relation very nicely.
A lot of these Kant-Marxists just got wiped out in the rise of the Nazis,
and deserve a moment of silence. A  lost world.
Cf also Goldman's Immanual Kant, for these issues, a cautionary by a Marxist
about NeoKantians, and a fine view of Kant's view of history....
This is to simply remember this corner of Marxism existed, not necessarily to
endorse it.  
Also, consider Philip Kain, Marx and Ethics, and the author's realization
Marx was in some ways closer to Kant.
Marxism, Morality and Social Science, by Pfeffer.
John Landon
World History and the Eonic Effect
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