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On the question of  moral philosophy & Marx , there is a controversial
debate about whether the idea of *moral equality is central to Marx's
thought. Comrade, you can see for this debate the writings of  Norman
Geras and Allan Woods:

Norman Geras "Controversy about Marx and Justice" , _New Left Review_,
no.150, march-april 85. (Geras hints that Marx has a substantive theory
of justice because his objection to the class structure of capitalist
relations is not only a production, but also a distributive objection
This brings forth the question of whether Marx's critique of capitalism
is also a moral critique.).

Allan Woods , "The Marxian critique of  justice" in Marshall Cohen,
Tohamas Nagel eds., _Marx, Justice and History_ , Princeton Press, 1980,
p. 20.
(Unlike Geras, Woods claims that Marx's notion of justice is relative to
circumstances. What appears "just" under any system is an expression of
the prevailing mode of production.So, Marx does not have a theory of
justice. etc etc...)

Hope these references help..

ps: if  I were a philosophy student, I would definitely write my Ph.D.
on this controversial  topic..


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