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> More Indian trust documents missing
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> Jan. 17, 2001 - WASHINGTON - More Indian trust records
> have been discovered to be missing, according to a
> special court official charged with investigating the
> previous disappearance of other government records in a
> massive lawsuit against the Interior Department.
> Some 160 boxes of materials believed related to trust
> accounts recently were destroyed at the Bu reau of Indian
> Affairs' Northern Cheyenne office in Montana, according
> to a letter from special court master Alan L. Balaran.
> His letter was posted Tuesday on a website maintained by
> a group of American Indians who have challenged the
> government's handling of the trust accounts.
> Stephanie Hanna, an Interior Department spokeswoman,
> confirmed the destruction, but said officials were
> attempting to determine whether they related to the
> lawsuit over the department's handling of the trust
> accounts. She said the matter was under investigation.
> The Indian plaintiffs have won a court judgment faulting
> the government's handling of the accounts, but the issue
> is on appeal. At stake is the government's handling of
> thousands of trust accounts it has managed for decades
> for Indians.
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