Maher/Disabled are Dogs

Marta Russell ap888 at
Wed Jan 17 11:21:48 MST 2001

Every chance Bill Maher gets on PI he slams disabled persons.
One time David McReynolds was his guest and stood up to Maher for
his bigotry.  Here is yet another instance.  Sounds like Maher
has been reading Peter Singer.
What is irritating is that Maher is given political creditials --
he was a speaker at Arianna Huffington's Shadow Convention, for instance.


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January 16, 20001                     Search

ABC TV Asserts: Our Disabled Children are Dogs

      A number of parents have written in to alert us about ABC TV’s
assertion that developmentally disabled children are equivalent
to dogs
during the January 11, 2001 airing of “Politically Incorrectâ€*
with Bill

      What follows is a transcript from the show off the ABC TV
website.  On
the show were guests Martin Short, Sarah Ferguson, Jay Nordlinger and
Cynthia Garrett.

Bill: But I've often said that if I had --
I have two dogs --  if I had two retarded children, I'd be a hero.
And yet the dogs, which are pretty much the same thing --

[ Laughter ]

What? They're sweet.
They're loving.
They're kind, but they don't mentally advance at all.

Cynthia: I'm going to throw my shoe at you for that one -- oh!

Bill: What? Dogs are like retarded children.

Jay: The show is living up to its name.

[ Scattered boos ]

Sarah: Boo.

Cynthia: My 9-year-old nephew is retarded.
I've never thought of him like a little dog.

Bill: Well, maybe you should.

[ Scattered boos ]

Sarah: But I don't think you ought to use the word retarded.
I don't think that's right.

Bill: Don't use the word "retarded"? Well, what word should we use?

Sarah: Just a regular person.

Bill: But they're not a regular person.

Sarah: Well, they are regular people.
They have a heart and a soul.

Cynthia: Limitations.

Bill: They have a heart and a soul and a brain that's retarded.
That's a fact, people! Excuse me!

Sarah: No, because you can't say that.
Do you know their brain is retarded --
this word retarded? They could just be lacking in the ability.

Bill: That's what we call retarded.

[ Laughter ]

I mean, people, are you all retarded? I mean --

[ Laughter ]

That's a fact.

Martin: I'm not gonna comment.
You're a hideous, cold person.

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FEAT at  The main sponsors of these comments are ABC TV,
AT&T and
General Motors.  (Hello NBC TV, MCI and Ford Motor. -ls)

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