Video Culture

Dennis R Redmond dredmond at
Wed Jan 17 18:45:32 MST 2001

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Charles Brown wrote:

> picture/abstractions to fully abstract alphabetical writing. In a way,
> with television and now video culture , which by its hi tec capability
> can generate so many images there seems to be a potential return to mass
> imagic or picture based "writing" and reading of a sort.

Which makes sense in a historical moment where subjects are subjected to
unprecedented levels of information and sign-gathering. Practically
everything comes with its own user ID, corporate logo and acronym
nowadays. All the more reason for Marxists to wage a class struggle of the
signifier, and to turn the system's greatest strength into its most dire

> What happens to Hegel's notion that concepts are not imagic ?

Well, Hegel didn't have a really developed theory of signs; Darstellung
(depiction) sort of got set into motion towards Vorstellung
(representation), is all. Hegel's aesthetics are notoriously shaky,
compared even to Schiller, whose artistic sensibilities kept him more
honest about the material. I'd argue our mass culture is relentlessly
Hegelian: you see nothing but idealizations, abstractions, unreal images
which take the place of genuine history.

-- Dennis

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