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Wed Jan 17 20:00:18 MST 2001

--- "Craven, Jim" <jcraven at> wrote:
> for those who are functionally illiterate (according
> to NPR 60% of U.S.
> population is illiterate or functionally
> illiterate--unable to read above
> the fourth-grade level), for those who are content

You are a professor of economics and you believe this?
It is ludicrous on it's face. You bring shame to our
profession with such stupid (I was going to say
"silly" but this goes way beyond silly) statements. No
wonder people won't take us seriously.

Yes, I know, you are leaving yourself a weasel hole by
attributing it to NPR. No matter, the context is such
that it is plain that you accept, or are at least
pretending to accept, the premise.

Shame, shame, shame.

> Why? Well, as a pampered, privileged, insulated,
> coddled preppy scion of
> ill-gotten wealth, and like many right-wingers, he
> is typically dumb and
> ill-informed and any exchange of ideas or debate
> threatens to unmask his
> lack of intellect and preparation. That is why the

I know you are talking about Bush here but the above
fits even more his opposition, the noble Albert.

Except, that Bush got through Yale, got through
Harvard Business School and was able to complete some
pretty rigorous flight training.

Albert, on the other hand, got a gentleman's "C" at
Harvard, probably flunked out of law school (though we
don't know as he claims to have dropped out) and
flunked out of Divinity School at Vanderbilt (7
courses, 5 F's and 2 incompletes).

So which of the candidates is "dumb"? Though it might,
perhaps, be a case of "dumb and dumber"

We really need to be more responsible if we want to be
taken seriously. People like you cause us irreparable

Or are you perhaps a right wing mole trying to
discredit the left?


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