[L-I] Russia, and Rebuilding the Left in Canada

Mark Jones jones.mark at SPAMbtconnect.com
Thu Jan 18 06:15:34 MST 2001

Johannes Schneider wrote:

> Mine argues for the expulsion of a person who did a tremendous work in
>informing the public in the rest of Europe about the struggles of the
> Russian working class.

This person is Steve Myers.

I've just spent an entertaining half hour looking at the list archives of the Iskra
and proletarism egroups list. Here Myers, Bilenkin, Ben Seattle and other stalwarts
have joined forces with Russian Trotskyists and various anarcho-communists. Their
main enemies are each other. It is the marxist-leninist equivalent of a roman orgy.
Anything goes, and every email takes the form of a pronunciamento, or denunciamento.
To the barricades!

If you think you know the full awfulness of sectarianism, you are wrong unless you
have visited the Russian variant. It is like taking a bath into the angst-ridden,
conflictual, spiteful, incestuous exile politics of the Russian revolutionary
diaspora before 1917. It is a swirling mass of snakes, vipers, piranhas, crocodiles
and vampire-bats. It is wonderful, delirious, indescribable and who knows? Probably
just how one ought to do it.

Poor old Steve Myers! Boy, oh boy, have they got HIS number. The people he thought
were his allies turned out to be former Nazi sympathisers (or not, it's hard to say,
in that netherworld of denunciation, recrimination and kompromat). The
internationalists he most pinned his hopes on soon revealed themselves to be card
carrying Cossacks of the old school. Steve, an innocent Brit-Trot abroad, wandered
into this amazing, surreal world with no more heed than a Boy Scout mistakenly
booking tickets for a vacation in Dachau in 1944. He did his level best to compete:
he is a vicious little rat in his own way, and quite capable of gnawing off the hand
that feeds him. But he is horribly, horribly outclassed. I do admire the Russians!
They made mincemeat of our little english boy scout. In the end, they ALL seemed to
have turned as one man against him: Russian trots, monarchists, Zionists,
anti-zionists, the whole blooming lot. I haven't laughed so much for a long time.


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