MIME posts to marxism will soon be bounced

Les Schaffer schaffer at SPAMoptonline.net
Thu Jan 18 08:25:28 MST 2001

With Lou's approval, i will shortly set up the marxism lists to bounce MIME
encoded posts.

We have for many months been urging comrades to turn off HTML formatting and
send posts in plain text. The response has been fairly good. But there are
still certain types of MIME encoded posts getting through which add much
extra byte count and cost and also render some posts, particularly those
arriving in the digest form of the list, to be nearly incomprehensible.

If you still have not turned off HTML formatting and need instructions on
how to do so, please search the marxism list's archives for posts from me on
the subject. initially, i will bounce the bounced posts back to sender for
re-formatting and i  will gladly answer any how-to questions you have at
that time.  at some point, after some reasonable number of MIME-formatted
posts by each subscriber has been bounced with request for re-format, i will
simply put the bounced stuff in a folder and wait for the individual to get
the hint.

If anyone has strong objects to this move please speak now. i'd like to
cross this type of stuff off my nag-list.

les schaffer

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