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Thu Jan 18 14:19:27 MST 2001

Below is a press release from the CWI-members in Scotland.

One of the key principles that SML and the CWI were based on was the need
to maintain and strengthen the forces of Marxism, in its modern expression,

It is this task that Tommy Sheridan and the others who have left the CWI
have rejected. They have produced a statement which commented about the
CWI: "The model (of building a Trotskyist international) they tried to
apply is obsolete, if indeed it was ever a credible project". The rejection
of this concept has led to leading members of the SSP, who were
longstanding members of the CWI, to break from long held positions that we
have defended.

[Of course the model of building a Trotskyist international is obsolete. A
different kind of internationalism is necessary, one that dispenses with
avatars of Leon Trotsky who issue directives to their minions across the

On Cuba, the CWI has been critical that the SSP and Tommy Sheridan have
described Cuba as a socialist country, which we do not accept. We believe
this is putting forward a neo-Stalinist position. We defend the tremendous
gains of the Cuban revolution in health care, literacy and education but
given the lack of democracy within Cuba, this does not equate with
socialism, where democracy and working class involvement in the running of
society and the economy is essential.

[Democracy? This must refer to the lack of Soviets in Cuba. To the dismay
of Sheridan's critics, I must inform them that neither is Russian spoken in
Cuba. Times change, so do the forms of proletarian democracy.]

We were shocked and dismayed that our, now former, members in the
leadership of the SSP have proposed "guidelines" for that party which would
preclude the right of organised trends within the SSP to produce public
material, sell public journals, etc. These guidelines argue that organised
platforms should "not act as a party within a party".

[Maybe, as former Trotskyists, they understand that "entrism" is a cynical
maneuver to recruit people to a sect.]

Louis Proyect
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