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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Thu Jan 18 15:36:32 MST 2001

My priorities are to encourage the re-growth of the Left in Brisbane.  At
present the Democratic Socialist Party has a presence via their paper the
Green Left Weekly.  Occasionally they pull off a spectacular success such
as round high school kids opposition to racism.  I wish the DSP well, and
have spoken in support at some of their rallies. However I think it is fair
to say that they have not really been able to break out of their isolation
in Brisbane.

My own work is based round a monthly throw away funded by small
business.  The work here is strictly propagandistic.  There have been some
local issue-municipal campaigns run by the editor who is a Bookchinite.
There has been some success here in stopping a light rail through a
suburb.  I support such campaigns but have no real enthusiasm for them.

My current intention is to try and re-create a Left Discussion society with
a view to the creation of a Left University or College. As to when we will
ever be able to break out of the present situation which is a
pre-propaganda one, I cannot say.



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