Marx on Campus?

George Snedeker snedeker at
Thu Jan 18 17:24:17 MST 2001

the Voice article posted by Louis is interesting, but it is only a gloss.
what more could you expect from the Voice?

teaching Marx has to be put into context. it is different to teach Marx now
that the USSR is no more.

my own students are interested in learning about Marx's social theory. it is
not something they are dying to hear about, but they are interested. the
Voice article does not distinguish between elite and working class colleges.
this distinction does matter. it introduces a class dimension into the
question of teaching Marx. most of my students are not very politically
active. it is not that they take Marx's theory and then join the revolution.
for the time being, teaching Marx is more a question of political literacy
than anything else.

Why would the Voice publish an article on "Marx on Campus"? it does catch
ones eye.

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