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Thu Jan 18 17:32:45 MST 2001

Political priorities for 2001 ? A case of Kantian apriori's ? A chicken or
egg question ? My specifically political priorities just now are awfully
basic - to find some interesting, alive people in the Netherlands who think
in a similar way to myself about left-wing politics and who want to do
something different from the trad Left, learning from the best models
rather than the worst, in order to make one, or just a few interventions in
the medium term, that really hit home. How would we know/meet each other,
how would we tune into our own level ? The trouble is I am lousy at
advertising, often I don't know how I think what I think anyway, I don't
have a truly consistent, distinctive style, and so forth. And the point is
not to give the game away beforehand. So really I am in a conundrum,
politically. Apart from that my priority is to keep my daily life going
reasonably well.


Louis Proyect
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