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Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Thu Jan 18 17:44:04 MST 2001

Brian Cahill:
>particularly interested. I am interested, though, in your neo-Stalinist
>defense of Cuban "proletarian democracy". Feel free to defend it. You might
>have to use more than a few sneering one liners, however.

I defer to Jose Perez on this. His posts can be found in the archives. My
posts mostly have to do with the question of whether there is capitalism in
Cuba. Since you are not a "state capitalist", we obviously have nothing to
debate. On the question of being a "neo-Stalinist", my actions speak louder
than words. This mailing list is a cross-section of Marxist opinion
virtually unheard of on the Internet. If I was a "neo-Stalinist", I'd be
excluding ideas I disagree with. In fact, I love battling with people as
you well know, not suppressing them.

>The CWI founded the SSP.The CWI built the SSP. For almost the entire span
>of its existence, CWI members formed the leadership of the SSP. Even after
>the events of the last few days, CWI members continue to play leading roles
>in the SSP from full time organisers to parliamentary candidates.

And then it slipped from your fingers. Poor thing.

>SSP members. I can only conclude that you know very little about the SSP or
>the CWI, but that it doesn't stop you from pontificating about either.

The CWI is trying to launch a Trotskyist International, isn't it? That's
all I need to know. In reality, there will come a time when a revolutionary
international will exist. It will be a horizontally organized, networked,
democratic movement built on the core of independent Marxist parties like
the SSP seems to be aspiring to. You really need to change your methods of
functioning. They lead to nothing but heartache and isolation.

>So why take such enormous care to distance Lenin from "Leninism"?

I'm glad you put "Leninism" in scare quotes. That shows you are learning.

Louis Proyect
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