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George Snedeker snedeker at
Thu Jan 18 19:17:42 MST 2001

Dear Mark,

I would be glad to write a paragraph, but I do not know what you mean by
"political priorities." can you clarify?

George Snedeker
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> Dear Friends
> I wonder if you would be kind enough to do the following: in one paragraph
of not
> more than 200 words, set out your main political priorities.
> This is for a CrashList poll of the cyber-left's great and good. The
> intent is as serious as possible. Your ideas will be promoted, or not used
at all;
> and some quasi-statistical attempt will be made to weight, adjust and
deliver the
> results. A well-known western financial newspaper is participating. I do
hope you
> will participate.
> If you are curious about the CrashList, the website is:
> I look forward to hearing from you (please reply to:
jones118 at
> Mark Jones
> CrashList owner

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