Maher/Disabled are Dogs

George Snedeker snedeker at
Thu Jan 18 19:23:45 MST 2001

I have never expected very much from Bill Maher in terms of intelligent
ideas. certain kinds of jokes have always been offensive. you can't tell
racist, sexist or homophobic  jokes openly any more. you can still tell
"retard" jokes. so much for TV political humor.  Bill Maher is not exactly a
great thinker. I know that Marta's point is that disabled people can still
be dehumanized openly, without any sense of conscience. after all, what does
it mean to compare certain categories of persons with dogs? this is not
funny; it's just stupid.
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> Marta Russell wrote:
> >Every chance Bill Maher gets on PI he slams disabled persons.
> Further proof that the whole politically (in)correct thing is just a
> self-righteous pseudo-transgressive cover for conventional bigotry.
> Was comedy always this oriented to pissing on the weak?
> Doug

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