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Fri Jan 19 08:35:05 MST 2001

  "Louis Proyect" <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote
>> SSP members. I can only conclude that you know very little about the SSP or
>> the CWI, but that it doesn't stop you from pontificating about either.
> The CWI is trying to launch a Trotskyist International, isn't it? That's
> all I need to know. In reality, there will come a time when a revolutionary
> international will exist. It will be a horizontally organized, networked,
> democratic movement built on the core of independent Marxist parties like
> the SSP seems to be aspiring to. You really need to change your methods of
> functioning. They lead to nothing but heartache and isolation.

I like Louis and some of his analysis is quite penetrating but frankly, I
think his "I was burned by a Trotskyist group in the 1970s therefore all
Trotskyist groups are evil and uselss" shtick only goes so far. Louis, you
know nothing about the CWI and are just generalising from your own
experiences in the US SWP. I'd take more credence in what you say if you
actually took some time to study the group, meet its members and discuss
with them rather than write it off with an instant analysis.

As for your dream of a horizontal "network" in the place of a democratic
international, that too is nothing new. It's been tried several times and
failed because of the inherent weaknesses of an incoherent movement with
fuzzy analysis and few real positions and absolutely no democratic unity.
I'd list a few works on centrism in general and the Independent Labour Party
in the UK in particular but I'm sure you're already familiar with them and
have a pat line in place to dismiss them and excuse yourself from actually
rebutting their arguments.


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