The Phillipines

Alan Bradley alanb at
Fri Jan 19 16:25:59 MST 2001

> From: "Magnus Bernhardsen"
> Now, the only thing we get on the list on the Philippines is as a result
> of internal battles between a section of 200 people and a group of 16 in
> Scotland.

Actually it is unrelated to this - I was going to send the article anyway.
I was mildly surprised that it turned out to be even a little relevant to
the Scottish question!

I posted some stuff about the Philippines last year, but it was from Green
Left Weekly, which has only just resumed publication for this year.  I'm
sure there will be something in the next issue.  I might have forwarded
some stuff from International Viewpoint, too.

One thing to remember about the Philippines left is that it is extremely
fragmented and at least as sectarian as anything in the imperialist states.

Alan Bradley
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