Disney Sweatshops: It's A Small World After All

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Disney Sweatshops: It's A Small World After All
According to CIC, young Chinese women migrant workers making
Disney-label toys, clothes and accessories for the Christmas market work

up to seven days a week, 16 hours a day, for as little as Can$90 a
month. In at least two factories, workers were pressured to work
overnight during the peak production season.


PAKISTAN: Local Polls Make Women Confident
BHARATH, Pakistan, Jan 12 (IPS) - Raji is preparing for a two-hour
journey on a horse-drawn cart that will take her to the health clinic
nearest to this picturesque river bank village in central Pakistan.
Health care is not easily available to the people of Bharath, located
along the Himalayan Chenab River in Pakistan's central Punjab province.


EUROPE: Women from Poor nations Victims Of Modern Slavery
According to the Geneva-based International Office on Migration, some
500,000 East European women are currently forced to practice
prostitution on the streets of Western Europe. Experts add to that
figure at least another half a million women from South America, Africa
and South East Asia, who through very simple schemes are drawn into
modern female slavery in Western Europe.


INDIA: Women Politicians Still Depend on Men
NEW DELHI, Jan 17 (IPS) - It is more than a year since Krishna Devi was
elected head of the self-government body of a small village in India's
northern Haryana state, adjoining New Delhi. However, the middle-aged
housewife still lets her husband lead discussions in the village council

meetings held at her house, while she prepares tea for the mostly male
participants. When she does join the group, she sits quietly, rarely


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