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Arguably, the neo-Kantian Marxist tradition lives on in the form of Rodney
Peffer's Rawlsian Marxism as expressed in his book *Marxism, Morality, and
Social Justice* which attempts to combine a Marxian social analysis with a
theory of social justice derived from John Rawls (who is often characterized
as a contemporary neo-Kantian.

The question is not so much that of being a Kantian as of mastering the
complexity of the whole sequence, Kant, Hegel, Marx, Engels, ...
Kant or not, one might consider Norman Levine's Dialogue within the
Dialectic, on the difference between Engels' and Marx' views. He is a bit
hard on Engels, but the confusion over the various 'materialisms' would
likely make Marx himself seem a heretic by the standards of what came later.
Marx did not really subscribe to many of the things we associate with him.
Marx' 'dialectical naturalism' was something quite different from the
'dialectical materialism' that arose via Engels, so claims Levine, with an
interesting portrait of the period of second internationale after Marx'
death. He also has an interesting portrait of Marx' views on the materialism
of Democritus, versus Epicurus.
John Landon
World History and the Eonic Effect
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