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Sat Jan 20 02:41:06 MST 2001

>From issue 422 of Green Left Weekly (

`Free the KPD 12!'

MANILA — On September 18, the office of the Movement for National Democracy
(KPD) was raided by the intelligence service of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines (AFP). Twelve KPD leaders and staff were arrested.

The raid was led by General Calim Lim, known to be close to President
Joseph Estrada. During the raid firearms, grenades and “subversive”
documents were allegedly found.

The broad left coalition, the September 21 People's Committee, which
organised demonstrations to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the
declaration of martial law by former dictator Marcos, immediately demanded
the release of the “KPD 12” at a press conference.

Speakers included representatives from the KPD, Sanlakas, the Socialist
Party of Labor (SPP), BISIG and others. The coalition described the Estrada
government's move as dangerous and recalled the period of martial law in
the 1970s and '80s. Sonia Soto, chairperson of the KPD, described the raid
as part of a military “reign of terror against progressive organisations”.

Letters of solidarity with the KPD and demands for the release of the KPD
12 can be forwarded to the international department of the SPP at
<reihana_m at> or <progresibo at>.


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