On organisation

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Sat Jan 20 09:38:15 MST 2001

> >          The FI was successful in transmitting the Marxist heritage to a
> new generation, including to revolutionary groups which became highly
> critical of the FI, and which would never have existed, except for the
> existence of the FI.


> Jurriaan

I disagree. The reason that new generations have been able to read Trotsky has to do
with not the crazed attempts at copying his party, but rather books of great lucidity
like Deutscher's Stalin and three parter on Trotsky, as well as magazines like the
NLR. Today, there are no periodicals on Maoism, just the loonies like MIM. Result? No
Maoist theory- just Maoists with a massive capital "M".


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