Assassination of Laurent Kabila

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Sat Jan 20 11:58:03 MST 2001

Thanks Macdonald. I am thinking critically about the Congo myself. I'm not sure what's


>>> mstainsby at 01/18/01 10:41AM >>>
Allow me to take portions of this post and place them in the opposite order from
their appearance:

> Neither the British,
> the French, the US, nor the Belgians wanted to hear anything
> of the Sovereign National Conference, because this body
> called for the release of all information relating to the
> assassination of Patrice Lumumba. Today, January 17, is
> exactly 40 years since Patrice Lumumba was assassinated
> in the Congo. It now a matter of public record that Dwight
> Eisenhower, the then President of the United States, had
> given direct orders for the elimination of Lumumba.
Right, and no one seriously dodges the fact that Dag Hamarskjold (sp?) and the UN in
general were a major part of that hit as well. The Belgians and the US used the UN
for this assassination. So then, given this common knowledge, why on earth are we
treated to this lovely idea:



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