Clinton and Peltier

Hunter Gray HUNTERBEAR at
Sun Jan 21 09:04:56 MST 2001

Thanks very much, Louis, for the timely Clinton/Peltier post on this  sad --
very sad -- betrayal of justice.  There are many things -- sanguinary,
shadowy, and much much more -- that put the morally devoid Clinton into
focus.  But his letting  Leonard Peltier dangle -- a manifestation of his
utter lack of conscience and utter lack of courage, and a bone thrown to the
always essentially fascist FBI -- could not be more clear.  We have to, and
we will, keep fighting -- on every critical human rights/social justice
front.  The critical, enduring necessity of bona fide grassroots
organization, militant direct action, radical political approaches, creative
litigation -- and, for Native people (and others!), sensible and principled
coalitioning -- is underscored in eternal granite.  Hunter Gray (Hunterbear)
Hunter Gray

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