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Sun Jan 21 09:16:02 MST 2001

Hi Lou!

Oops. Sorry for sending two versions of the same thing (on organization).

And thank you for posting the excellent piece by Cochran. I think it makes
my point stronger - that different circumstances require different
organizational forms. It also backs up my other point, that no matter what
the organizational form, success in building a revolutionary party depends
a lot on "objective circumstances" - and they were not good in Post WWII
USA - Cocharan's organizational ideas vs. Cannon's organizational ideas -
the debate was almost beside the point.

Cochran's group succumbed to the very dangers he pointed out in the article
you posted: they were unable to maintain a cohesive group of
revolutionaries. On the other hand, the SWP which maintained a cohesive
group (who could be counted on aws revolutionaries in some way or another
until recently, and maybe even now) succumbed to the dangers of its form of
organization of becoming completely seperated from living reality (despite
the apparent respite growth during the anti-war movement gave it.)


Louis Proyect
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