Assassination of Laurent Kabila

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Sun Jan 21 10:01:35 MST 2001

En relación a Re: Assassination of Laurent Kabila,
el 21 Jan 01, a las 10:53, Patrick Bond dijo:

> > From:          "Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky" <Gorojovsky at>
> >... the moment the French and Belgian consulates were spreading
> > notice of Kabila's death, Kabila was still on a plane and alive
> I may have some details slightly wrong because of all the confusion.
> What I've seen in the Zimbabwe press is that he was shot at 2:30PM

Thank you, Patrick. Your remarks were very enlightening. Isn't it a pity that,
although we are geographically nearer to Africa than to, say, San Francisco, we
in Buenos Aires are better informed on what goes on in California than on what
goes on in Kinshasa? Worse yet, since as you know L.K. had his encounter with
the Che, during the 60s...

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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