Animal Rights Terrorism - the new Fascism?

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> At 01:32 PM 01/19/2001, Paddy Apling wrote:
>  >I suggest that the activities of those opposing science and
>  >technology are in significant danger of becoming the "new
>  >Fascism".
> Danielle Ni Dhighe wrote:
> But are they opposed to science in general or are they opposed to
> how some scientific research is performed?  I think there is a
> distinction to be  made there.  It is true that scientists have often
> had no qualms about  experimenting on their fellowhairless
> apes,particularly those of a different skin color or with mental
> disabilities.  I don't think questioning the ethics of some forms of
> scientific research is the same as rejecting the scientific method.

Obviously thinking about Nazi research, but on the animals question all
scientists involved in animal or agricultural research are VERY strongly in
favour of humane treatment of animals - (incidentally, Huntingdon Life
Science is EXEMPLARY in this regard despite the one episode concerning one
particular member of staff - who gave an excuse for the Animal Rightists
campaign).  Indeed humane animal husbandry is also in the interests of "the
bottom line" (in capitalist parlance) as all farm animals grow better the
better they are treated - and poor treatment vastly reduces their value,
even so far as to make them unsaleable; and even the avoidance of stress
before slaughter is crucial to providing good meat.

It is also clear that unfortunately the greatest governmental financial
input to science is always for potential military uses ... compare the vast
amounts spent on radioactivity research as applied to nuclear bombs as to
the economical (and clean !) provision of energy and to medical uses.  So
often the beneficial uses of science just come as spin-offs...

But the opposition to biotechnology is completely "Luddite" (in a way to use
this term is an insult to the Luddites - who were at least trying to protect
their livelihood as the independent artisan spinners and weavers found their
livelihood undermined by machinery) in being opposed to progress which both
has the prospect of great advances in medicine [already for some years ALL
insulin for diabetics has been the result of bio-technology - called GM by
those who oppose it] and in such developments as Golden Rice - to improve
the vitamin contant of the diet of LDC countries using rice as their staple
diet - and many more surely to come - is trying to stop developments which -
while they COULD be used for reactionary oppressive purposes - basically
promise vast improvements in food supply and quality, reduction of the use
of pesticides in agriculture as well as improvements in medicine.

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