Animal Rights Terrorism - the new Fascism?

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Sun Jan 21 11:22:26 MST 2001

This exaggerated 1000% respect for science is the mentality that
developed The Bomb, built Chernobyl, and mows down  specie after
species.   And it's also the philosophy of the medical NAZIs of the
capitalist 'health care system'.

I'm acutely aware of what this represents.    Just this week, through
the work of 'science',  a woman was brought back to life in the hospital
floor where I work.     We 'coded' her (all of her double weight)
because 'science' caught her peacefully trying to pass away in her
sleep.      I hate to imagine her future, this success of 'scientific'
medicine.    The monitor caught her..... saved her life it did.     All
hail the glories of 'science'!

As the doctor congratulated us on our success, I commented to the other
nurse.....    'Yeah, youre a real hero here.'    He mustered up a wry
grin.     Yes, we know about your 'science', Paddy.

It's a silly moral void that exagerates successes, and ignores the
problems of new technologies controlled by capitalist bosses.      You
bring up diabetes and 'science'.     Diabetes is a disease principally
of our 'Scientific' Era, is it not?

New vitamin enriched foods!     Spare us, please.     'Scientific'
production from ground, processor, to fast food factory all producing
better health!     I would smile, laugh, and roll over in carcajadas....
but it's not really funny.     See the little fat kids and fat people
that 'science' produces, here in South Texas where I live.     See how
'science' processes them on the end of the assembly line.

Stop thinking about that COULD in capital letters you used.    And start
admitting that it WILL BE USED in a negative manner.     And stop
calling neo-Luddites terrorists.      You want to know terror?     Go
check out the hospital floors as they use 'science' to 'fight disease'.

We need a moratorium on 'science'.      Until human society can get
other things under control.      How prophetic 'The Island of Doctor

Tony Abdo
<But the opposition to biotechnology is completely "Luddite" (in a way
to use this term is an insult to the Luddites - who were at least trying
to protect their livelihood as the independent artisan spinners and
weavers found their livelihood undermined by machinery) in being opposed
to progress which both has the prospect of great advances in medicine
[already for some years ALL insulin for diabetics has been the result of
bio-technology - called GM by those who oppose it] and in such
developments as Golden Rice - to improve the vitamin contant of the diet
of LDC countries using rice as their staple diet - and many more surely
to come - is trying to stop developments which - while they COULD be
used for reactionary oppressive purposes - basically promise vast
improvements in food supply and quality, reduction of the use of
pesticides in agriculture as well as improvements in medicine.>

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