history of the Left

George Snedeker snedeker at SPAMconcentric.net
Sun Jan 21 13:09:33 MST 2001

I would like to thank Louis for mentioning NEW STUDIES IN THE CULTURE AND
POLITICS OF U.S. COMMUNISM,which I edited with Michael Brown, Randy Martin
and Frank Rosengarten. except for the article by Alan Wald, the book does
not do justice to the role of the Trotskyist movement in U.S. history. I
have not read Schrecker's new book or the article by Alan Wald that Louis
mentions. the book grew out of a conference which marked the 70 anniversary
of the founding of the USCP. as Louis points out, we were trying to provide
a balanced view of the role of the CP in progressive social movements.

I would also like to thank Hunter Gray for his thoughtful reading of
Cochran's book.

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