Cochran on U.S. Labor

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Jan 21 17:17:07 MST 2001

>George Snedeker wrote:
>>I read Cochran's book on U.S. Labor when it came out.... my
>>memory is that it was very critical of the policies of the C.P. I felt
>that he was making a contribution to the cold war which was still >raging.
>Labor historian Philip S. Foner shared that assessment. See his comments
>on Cochran in "Anti-Communism in U.S. Labor History" (published in *The
>United States Educational System: Marxist Approaches*, Marxist
>Educational Press, Minneapolis, 1980, pp. 205-209).
>--Kevin Lindemann

I am happy that we are relying on the judgement of an impartial observer.

Louis Proyect
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