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Philip Ferguson plf13 at SPAMit.canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Jan 22 13:22:13 MST 2001

Alan Bradley writes:

>Finally, the thing which set off this debate is precisely the fact that an
>interesting phenomenon has emerged in Scotland, and the driving forces
>behind this phenomenon came from the ranks of the damn silly
>'Leninist'/Trotskyist sectarians.
>Phil seems to be a little unable to engage with this.  This is why I am a
>little cynical about 'truisms' like the following:

>> What is needed NOW is to be as analytical and creative in working out
>> forms of revolutionary organisation for our time as Lenin was for his.
>> or even industrial as opposed to craft organisation (I think).

>because Phil is showing no signs of actually doing this, and is instead
>repeating formulae, and not necessarily even formulae that are correct.
>Ouch.  That was a little sharper than I intended.  My fingers ran away with

The DSP's enthusiasm for 'interesting phenomenon' is, itself, an
interesting phenomenon for me.  The DSP regarded Gorbachev as an
interesting phenomenon and declared he was going to revitalise socialism in
the Soviet Union and save the name of socialism globally.  Remember that
one, Alan?   Of course, what 'Gorby' was actually doing was restoring
capitalism and letting the market rip.

Now, the DSP is enthused by the example of the Scottish Socialist Party.
Forgive me for being cyncial here.  But the founders of the SSP are people
who managed throughout the entire course of the war in Ireland to attack
and denounce Irish revolutionary nationalism - indeed they had some
conncections with Orange elements in Scotland - and now they are adopting
and promoting Scottish bourgeois nationalism.

In the days of industrial struggle, the old Militant Tendency used to offer
an extreme form of economism as 'socialism' - the politics of 'gas and
water socialism' as Connolly called it.  Virtually anything outside this,
and certainly anything outside the LP, was denounced as a petty-bourgeois
diversion.  Now, in a period in which industrial struggle in Britain is at
an ebb, while regionalism is flourishing, the same people have simply
adapted their politics in a new direction and towards a new milieu from
which they feel pressure, namely bourgeois nationalism.

Let me make a prediction here.

The DSP will prove to be as mistaken about the SSP as they were about Gorby.

The SSP is already being pulled rapidly to the right - just wait til they
get a real sniff of power in the Scottish Assembly!

Alan, I am all for creative forms of *revolutionary* organisation.  That
doesn't mean throwing all discernment out the window however.

Philip Ferguson

"Don't Dream It - Extreme It" (Lana Coc Kroft)

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