On behalf of the people (some divergence between Patrick and

Mark Jones jones.mark at SPAMbtconnect.com
Tue Jan 23 06:26:30 MST 2001

>the tactics
> proposed by the Che either in Africa or in Argentina was disastrous.

so what should have been his tactics?

> Kabila have seen this, and thus not follow Guevara's deadly gospel? Let us face
> it: _if_ Guevara was murdered in Bolivia it was _both_ due to the imperialists
> and to _Guevarism_, which blindfolded him as to the social characteristics of
> the Bolivian peasant.

Well, he was blindfolded by his CIA captors and local henchmen who promptly shot

> > Still, in a more practical vein,

Oy, vey, spare me this 'practice' of yours.

>the Dakar 2000 meeting of radical
> > African grassroots groups (Francophone, Lusophone and Anglophone,
> > together in such a setting for the first time in `civil society'
> > history as far as I know), a month ago, aiming at debt, trade,
> > neoliberalism and imperialism was apparently quite an inspiring step
> > forward for the multitudes, if reports are correct... That's the
> > future of politics here, comrade, and the MugabeKabilaMbeki crew are
> > really in the way, no?

Ah, meet the new boss... same as the old boss, hey?

No, that's not the future but the past you're revisiting. It goes back to the times
of the first Venetian and Portugese gold and salve traders. No, it goes back to the
first *Arab* gold and slave traders. No-one's reinventing the wheel, not in Africa
anyway, where it continues to grind down the faces of the masses as it has done for
800 years and more. The people sitting astride this obscene wagon, axle-deep in
blood, are not the foreigners but the chiefs and kings themselves.


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