(Spanish) Peron and the IMF, 1967

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Tue Jan 23 05:02:19 MST 2001

> Friends and comrades,
> Please find below, in Spanish, an excerpt from Juan Domingo Perón on the role
> of the International Monetary Fund. This is an important quotation due to many
> reasons:
> a) Perón explains the reasons why he decided that Argentina would not member
> the IMF, which was possible only after the 1955 coup.

People (such as yourself, my dear compañero!) have tried to preach the progressive
side of Peronism before. I had been very skeptical. The stories of the paid
vacations, the opposition to US Imperial demands, all of these things- they ringed
hollow, or at least not complete to me. Then Nestor goes and posts this information
about Peron blocking the IMF, and my entire view is changed. Alas, on the important
questions, Peron stood for sovereignty. And after that, what could possibly be more
important? I hate it when these types of demonized turn out to be worthy of further
explanation. It is, well, awkward?


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